Code Renaissance is about building great teams and great software. By exploring best practices, team interactions, design, testing and related skills Code Renaissance strives to help you create the team and codebase that you've always wanted.

Welcome to Code Renaissance

Welcome to Code Renaissance.

This is a site dedicated to software engineering best practices and the exploration of what's new and interesting in our field. Mirriam-Webster's definition of the Renaissance talks about a period in history characterize by "flowering of the arts and literature and by the beginnings of modern science"; it's secondary definitions quantifies a renaissance as "a movement or period of vigorous artistic and intellectual activity". I believe that scientific fields can also undergo renaissance periods, which I define as times of great discovery and experimentation followed by standardization and reliability in the field.

Established fields like architectural engineering have already gone through their renaissance periods. If a bridge fails, it is likely because well establish construction guidelines and design techniques were not followed. If a software development project fails, well, there are guidelines and design techniques that could be pointed to, but they are not yet widely agreed upon or used in the industry. In addition, I believe many are yet to be discovered as programming concepts continue to evolve.

It is my goal to review important techniques and concepts, particularly those that I believe should be industry standards. I would also like to explore ancillary fields of study that have the ability to enhance or benefit software engineering projects.

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