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Jul 30, 2008

Blog Changes

When I started blogging I threw this site together over a few evenings. I set it up on blogger, which is free, and figured that if I found that I liked blogging I would do more work on it later. Since I've decided that I want to stick with it I think that it's well past time that I clean-up/redesign the site because as a software/web developer, the quality of my site is a reflection on my skills. I have started that process today.

Originally I was going for a blog / wiki concept where I could blog on topics and link to audio, book reviews, definitions, people profiles, and possibly other content. Because this content was separate from the blog it wouldn't clutter up my posts and could be updated as necessary. The additional content was available via a menu at the top and though I was never really happy with this approach, it seemed a good way to start. In retrospect I've found that the additional content was seldom visited, and that working on it was a pain and a distraction. I also thought that the menu cluttered up the site and that the point of the other sections might be lost on visitors/readers, and that a lot of the information was only useful/desirable within context.

If you visit my site now you'll notice that I have removed the menu bar at the top. Also the book review and audio review sub-domains have been disable.

Audio reviews (commentary on talks, webinars, etc) have been inlined with the main blog because I find them valuable. Because of this subscribing to my RSS feed in ITunes or similar software will provide a podcast of my recommended audio. I have removed Book reviews completely as I have found that I really hate doing them. I have decided to keep the areas for people and definitions but these really didn't need to be in the menu as they are just places for me to add ancillary/supporting content that I could link to.

I am still not satisfied with the site and will make further changes to it as I have time. Because of the changes some links to ancillary data in past posts may be broken; I will try to clean this up as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience while I figure out a better format.