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Jul 31, 2008

Saying no to CSS Hacks

Don't be lured to the dark side. Some people advocate CSS Hacks and call them CSS Filters, but if you are a programmer who is interested in maintainable code, look at this chart and tell me that hack isn't the right word.

CSS hacks are not maintainable. Every time a new browser version comes out you have to add new CSS to cover it (and hope it doesn't conflict with older hacks). Every time you change your site, the CSS must be updated for every browser branch that's supported. Just picture yourself as the poor developer who has to take over maintenance of a site like this in a few years; the choice should be obvious.

My advice: be creative.... just do it without the hacks. Yes, I know, I know. You had a really cool idea that takes just a few CSS hacks, and then you're golden. OK now be really creative and come up with something just as good, that doesn't need the hacks.