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Agents of Change and Enablers of Change

A good manager is an enabler of change. Once they find out that their team has a problem they do what ever they can to resolve it. They fix the process, they get the tools, they deal with the bureaucracy... what ever it takes.

What the manager needs on their team is one or more people who will be an agent of change. People who will be actively looking for problems and places where there is room for improvement and identifying them.

New people who come onto a team tend to be passionate, exited and sure that this time they're going to be part of a team that's going to do it right. Over time these passionate people, if not encouraged and valued by their manager, will become just another member of the status quo.

Too often I see teams who are bogged down in the status quo... the way things are. They fought those battles before and lost. They struggled with the bureaucracy and lost. They tried to do things right and were told "just do what you're told". Eventually they quit fighting the system.

If you're a manager, be an enabler of change and look for and encourage agents of change on your team. Find the people who are passionate about doing things right -- and don't let them get bogged down in the status quo.

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