There's more to Software than just the Code

You may have noticed that the site logo now has cleaner graphics/typography along with the new tag-line "There's more to Software than just the Code".

The new tag-line isn't meant to imply that I don't plan to post code from time to time -- currently I'm doing web development using c#, and AJAX and that's is bound to work it's way in -- but I knew from the outset that I wanted to keep this blog fairly language agnostic and try to focus on principles, concepts and topics that would apply to a wide array of programmers. My recent post about Renaissance Developers lays out the kinds of topics that I plan to cover (typography, graphic design, UX, Testing, etc).

The tag-line is my way of saying that I think that we as software engineers too often emphasize coding to the exclusion of other helpful and necessary skills. In light of this my focus and the focus of this blog have been broadened to discuss a variety of skill-sets and topics, coding or otherwise, that are beneficial to developers seeking to create truly great software.