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Why you should be reading this in Google Reader

I've started doing an informal survey of people in I.T. about their blog reading habits and a surprising number of them follow blogs by, get this, actually going to the website; not so long ago I was one of them. I knew about RSS and feed readers, but the idea of installing another program and checking it for content was less than thrilling to me.

When I found out about Google Reader I decided to give it a try... After signing up and I went to my iGoogle Page, and added it as a gadget. The beauty of this was that anytime I went to do a search I would have a small number of posts waiting to distract me... OK, maybe that's not exactly beneficial from a productivity standpoint but I am a big believer in information snacking and when I've hit a dead end and need to do research, it's probably time to give my brain a brief rest anyway.

Actually Google Reader did solve some important problems.

  1. It kept me from having to look for useful information to distract myself with when I needed a break (snack attack).
  2. It allowed me to flag important/longer posts for a more thorough read later (so I didn't have to finish them if I was in a pinch for time).
  3. It made discovering new content easy. Google Reader will make suggestions based on your current subscriptions.
  4. Most importantly it made reading blogs convenient. The fact that it's web based means it's just there. Whenever and wherever I go online I it's always waiting for me; I never needed to think about it again. Once I subscribed, up to date content was always at hand.

I'm not an early adopter of tools and technology. This is mainly because, no matter how cool or beneficial the technology is, if it's a pain I won't use it. For me convenience is my tipping point; once something becomes easy to use or, more importantly, makes my life easier, then I'll try it.

If convenience is a sticking point for you too then you may want to give Google Reader a try. If you do I'm fairly certain that you'll be hooked on reading blogs via RSS too.

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