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Firefox and Blogger conspire against me

I recently discovered that my post on image layering was not displaying correctly after a minor edit to the post, despite the fact that I had tested the post beforehand in IE6, IE7, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. On examining the post I was surprised to find that the markup had been changed.

The first problem I found was that my image urls had been altered (slashes and http stripped from the CSS... just weird). I had to fight to get blogger to accept these, but eventually they went through. I also just found that IE6 was still having problems, so I've made yet more changes to fix that.

After a bit of experimentation I found source of the IE6 problem (though the url problems still remain a mystery). When you click the blogger Preview link to preview your post, Firefox strips the markup of all IE specific CSS and injects additional Firefox specific CSS. When you click Hide Preview, blogger apparently pull this updated markup back into the HTML Editing textbox. Since previewing is normally the last thing I do after I edit a post I didn't notice the markup changes. Of course everything looked fine when I viewed the edited post in Firefox, because Firefox had optimized it.

So if you happened to have viewed my image layering post and my examples looked really bad please check them out again. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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