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The future of computers is in your pocket

The future of computers is in your pocket. It's currently known as a cell phone, but I don't think that moniker will stick around very long.

I imagine that some time within the next 8 to 15 years things will be wildly different.

Picture this:

You get a new job. On the first day you are given your company computer which you promptly slip into your pocket. When you get to your desk you dock your computer next to your monitors and log in to the network.

That night you decide to do a little extra work from home. You take your work computer and your personal computer (which was in your other pocket) and slip them into a docking station next to your television. Working from your recliner with a wireless keyboard and mouse you toggle between your the two computers so you can get a bit of work done and catch up on your personal emails. A football game is on in the upper right hand corner of the screen and you quickly switch to it to catch the instant replay of your team scoring a touch down.

Unfortunately for you your new job requires a bit of travel. On one of your many business trips you decide to slip into a coffee shop to have lunch and get some work done. You pull out your laptop, which is just a cheep accessory with no real processing power. It's a super thin keyboard and screen paired with some sort of wireless technology to allow input and output to be exchanged remotely with your computer (which of course remains comfortably in your pocket).

This is the future of computing. I probably have the timing off and I think there'll be parts where the technology will far exceed my expectations, but I'm pretty sure I'm right on this one.

Only time will tell.

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