Dysfunctional Deployment Practices: Constipation Deployment

Have you been having trouble with constipation? No not that kind of constipation, I'm talking about the dysfunctional deployment condition that I like to call Constipation Deployment.

With Constipation Deployment it seems practically impossible to get anything out at all. Sometimes it looks like you're about to push something out and then inexplicably you're put on hold again. Eventually you do manage to get something out, but it's not as big as you'd like and it's a piece of crap.

I've heard that Agile or Lean brand laxatives can get things moving more regularly and dropping golden nuggets in no time. I'm not sure its as good as all that, but its got to be better that what a lot of places do which is just keep straining away and wait it out.

Hmm.... I wonder what the development equivalent of hemorrhoids is?

Aren't metaphors great!