Being a Professional on the Internet

Imagine this: You work for a uptight, big corporate company. You google the name of a coworker or someone in a local users group or maybe just some designer or programmer you've heard of. You find that they have a website, a blog, or a twitter account that's apparently professionally related.

Question: Do you dare click through to their content?

If you do, will you find profanity, questionable content, questionable photos?

Maybe your search was more directly work related. Did you find a great photoshop tutorial or image rotator that just happened to feature scantily clad women? (Common guys, are we in eighth grade? Grow up already).

It seems to me that if you're producing content within a professional context then you need to self-filtered that content stream so that it remains professional and is not offensive to others. And yes, this includes twitter if you make your profession prominent on your bio.

And if you want to do shock-jock content? Fine. Just don't do it in a place where people are expecting professional content. Don't delude yourself, there's no such thing as being somewhat professional; you're either professional or you aren't.

To me this is just common sense, but there've been a lot of people not following these guidelines lately, so maybe it's not.