Linked In .Net Users Group Logo Submissions

I recently became a member of the Linked In .Net Users Group, though I've yet to catch a online meeting. A few days ago they put out a call requesting members to help with a logo for the group. I just got around to working on it tonight and created the following:

Not too shabby, IMHO... Unfortunately I realize just after submitting this that the official group name is not LinDUG, but LIDNUG. LIDNUG... Try saying that 10 times fast. Ok so, my bad; I did some editing and submitted this:

A quick google search will show a few others making the same mistake I did, so I don't feel too bad. I do think it's a better name for the group so I'm suggesting a name change to LinDUG on the following grounds:

  • it's easier to say
  • it associates more with linked in
  • it plays better as a logo

But, hey what do I know? In any case, the revised logo is growing on me. I kept the arch from the dot over the 'I' which I meant to look like the curve of the world, suggesting the world-wide nature of the group. I still like the blue/orange combo of original better. As usual I asked my wife's opinion: she likes the all blue of the new logo (though she prefers LinDUG as a name).

Update: Decided I liked the new logo better. Even if the name changed I'd swap the letters and keep the design over the old one.