Virtual ALT.NET is not a Cult

I mentioned to someone at work that I'd be attending a Virtual Alt.Net (VAN) Meeting online and their response was (no kidding): "Alt.Net? Isn't that a cult?".

Now you may have heard rumors flying about those crazy Alt.Net guys being some sort of X-Files, Lone Gun Men sitting on the sidewalk outside of Starbucks typing on a laptop with one hand and holding up cardboard sign with the other declaring the coming Apocalypse , but I assure you it isn't so (at least not based on tonight's meeting).

Ryan Svihla (@rssvihla) gave an excellent presentation for VAN (Virtual Alt.Net) on the Castle Project tonight. His coverage of IoC and Dependency Injection were solid and the discussion of Castle was interesting. Castle it isn't quite mainstream and to tell the truth, all the code was a bit much for me to absorb in one session, but it was clear from what I saw that these types of frameworks for managing dependencies are the way things need to be headed.

Anyway, the meeting went off without a hitch using Microsoft LiveMeeting (just like the Linked In Dot Net User Group - LIDNUG). Unlike LIDNUG The Virtual guys have meetings scheduled very consistently and conveniently for an American crowd; if you're in the continental US they should be Wednesdays sometime after work and Thursdays around Lunch time. There are also a few meetings scheduled for the international crowd.

It seems like they're just getting everything off the ground and they're doing a great job so far but I would like to offer a little feed back. Their site doesn't come up first in a google search. Also, when I got there I couldn't find the LiveMeeting link (I might have missed it but I didn't see it there). Thankfully they have members active on twitter and I found the link there with a quick search. It's a minor thing, and one to be expected with a newly forming group, but the sooner they fix it the better their numbers will be.

Anyway, it was a great meeting. I plan on attending tomorrow's brown-bagger from work if I can.

You should be able to attend for tomorrows and all future Virtual Alt.Net Mettings (LiveMeeting) here.

Thanks again guys.