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ASP.Net Code Blocks: Pound vs Equal (%# vs %=)

I got a runtime error after changing a pound code block(<%#statement%>) to equals code block( <%=statement> ) in some legacy ASP.Net code that I was cleaning up . I'd never seen the pound version before and had assumed it was an old obsolete way of doing things. Since this clearly wasn't the case I decided to do a bit of digging.

Eventually I turned up a post on code blocks by Dan Crevier that shed some light on things.

He summarizes the differences as follows:

  • The <%= (equal) expressions are evaluated at render time.
  • The <%# (pound) expressions are evaluated at DataBind() time and are not evaluated at all if DataBind() is not called.
  • <%# (pound) expressions can be used as properties in server-side controls. <%= (equal) expressions cannot.

This helped explain the error I got; unfortunately the post itself was hard for me to find (Google doesn't support searching for non-alphanumeric characters like less-than, percent, pound and equal) so I'm throwing this out there in hopes that it'll show better in search and help some people. All props to Dan though; he did a lot of work to research this.

Thanks Dan.

3 - What do you think?:

JBL said...

Thanks for posting this. It answered the exact question I was trying to search for.

DH said...

This came out of an extended period of google gymnastics where I just couldn't find an answer using the terms I was searching for. Glad I could help make the answer findable/googlable.

JD said...

Thank you! I'm glad you made a title that is actually searchable on google as this was a pain to find.