Jacksonville Code Camp 2009

Jacksonville Code Camp 2009 was this past Saturday and it was the best, most well organized Jax code camp yet. I gave a talk on "Becoming a Renaissance Developer" and the found the room surprisingly packed... until they found out the IPhone developer talk was next door.

Due to the demise of my Laptop the week before, including the loss of all of my notes and slides, I gave a revised presentation which ran short (just 25 minutes long). Fortunately there were no shortage of questions and the rest of the time was filled up with Q&A (I think we even ran a few minutes over) so over all it went very well.

During the session before my talk I found a large lecture hall and spent the time practicing in front of an empty room. Despite the lack of audience it felt very official and helped me feel a lot more prepared when I actually did it in front of people; definitely something I'll do next time.

Thanks to UNF for hosting the event and to all the sponsors. A special thanks to all of the Jacksonville Code Camp organizers and volunteers for putting on a great event.