Two years of blogging: Work, family, life balance

Well I'm still going at after two years and I'm committed to sticking with it, though blogging has, of necessity, taken a back seat to everything else. Believe it or not I've added body-boarding to the list of things that take priority. It's the first thing since programming that I've really gotten into and gone full throttle on.
I was started feeling tired and burned out on life. Nothing unusual, I got married started a career and quit doing anything for myself and eventually the combination of a sedentary lifestyle and no real outlet for stress for nearly a decade began to take it's toll.
I heard a pastor say once that if you don't have an outlet for stress, something outside of work and family just for yourself, that eventually you break. I wasn't broken yet, but I think I was showing a few cracks. Body-boarding is what helped me turn that around.
I dropped some weight, got toned. I sleep better now and wake up feeling rested. Walking back to my car after a surf session I feel tired, relaxed and thrilled and when I'm out there there's no room for anything but me and the waves... for a little while all the concerns of life just melt away. It's been years since I've felt this good. If you haven't tried it I highly recommend it. For about 150$ you can get an entry level board and some fins.
Anyway, I think I'm almost ready to dive back into blogging again and write some heavier posts. We'll see.
Keep programming. Stay stoked.