Good design vs Bad design

Good design is a pleasant surprise. It makes you wonder: why wasn't it always like that. Take the following picture for example. Even with the context removed the functionality is obvious. I love this fan.

Bad design isn't always obvious until you put something to use. The chair below is in a I.T. recruiters office. It's narrow and the protruding chair arm easily snags men's pants and is just high enough to rip them thoroughly. At the time I was extremely embarrassed that I ripped my pants and a little mad at myself, but out of curiosity I asked the recruiter if anyone else had had it happen to them. He confided in me that several people had including himself!

I'd be willing to bet that, like me, most people who ripped their pants felt it was their fault. It's funny that victims of bad design seem to blame themselves, while the beneficiaries of good design take it for granted.

Last time I went back the chairs were still there; just something to ponder.