No Longer Under (much) Construction

Well revisions to the blog following previous loss of formatting are completed. I put off redoing it nearly a month but I finally caved in today and got to work. To be honest it's the first time I've really liked the way the blog looks since I started it.

FYI... I've started using CSS3 for some of the formatting so the site will look best in firefox and safari, which support everything I've done. The design isn't quite as nice in other browsers (IE versions don't show round corners) but I used the YUI css reset file and I've practiced graceful degradation so it should be pretty good, whatever your browser choice.

Sadly this is my first post for 2010... belated happy new year everyone! I guess it's way past time I got back to writing as well. I've been busy learning WPF lately and using Expression Blend for the design work so I'm sure that'll be the focus of at least a few posts.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the revisions.

Thanks. (P.S. I still find myself tweaking the format and fine tuning cross browser, so pardon the minor layout problem in the interum).