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Boycott Ajaxian: Punish Hotlinking and Bandwidth Theft

Update: Well this may have been the shortest, smallest Boycott in history. One person commented that they Unsubscribed from Ajaxian before Dion Almaer from Ajaxian fixed the problem and posted a comment on Roman Cortes blog apologizing. Boycott over, go check out the cool CSS only Rolling Coke Can effect that instigated everything.

Popular website Ajaxian needs to be punished for their blatant Hotlinking and Bandwidth Theft from blogger Roman Cortes website. Roman recently unveiled a mind-bending CSS only Rolling Coke Can effect which Ajaxian hotlinked to in an iFrame, stealing both bandwidth and visitors from him. They have yet to removed the offending content-frame from their home page despite Roman rick-rolling them by removing the content and changing his page to the following content. Sadly this means that you can no longer see what an awesome effect this was (check out his site though for other amazing effects).

I hate to see a large site step on a smaller site just because they think they can. Let's show them they can't! I'm calling for a Boycott of Ajaxian until they remove the link and publicly apologize on the front page of their blog.

Ajaxian Boycott:

  • If you subscribe to them, unsubscribe.
  • If you follow them on twitter (I assume they're on twitter), block them.
  • If you visit their site, stop.
  • If you've linked to them then either disable your links or point them here (or to your own post where you've joined the boycott).

Let's show them that we take care of our own.

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