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New Team Members and the Five Stages of Grief

After years of watching new developers join teams (and from time to time being one myself) it occurred to me that the five stages of grief apply to this transition as well.

  1. Denial – "This code makes no sense… I must be missing something."
  2. Anger – "I can’t believe this $#!%. What kind of moron designed this?"
  3. Bargaining – "I realize the code works but it’s brittle, confusing and impossible to maintain, can’t we refactor it a little at a time? ... What do you mean it’s too critical?"
  4. Depression – "The code base is crap and they won’t let me fix it… I might as well shoot myself now."
  5. Acceptance - “Hi you must be the new guy… Yeah, I’ve been here a year now… Oh that code, yeah it's not ideal but it works… No we can’t change it, it’s too critical and there's no time... Hey, there’s no point in getting upset about it, it’s just a job.”

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