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If Software Teams Made Cars

...these requirements would be accepted:

  • Must have 4 Wheels
  • Must have brakes and steering
  • Must have a way to get in
  • Must be reddish orange

...this mock-up would be approved:

photo by marcmos

...the developers would plan to make this:

photo by jarm13

...the business would expect this:

photo by djbwhizz

... the customers would actually want this:

photo by earthworm

... there would only be enough time to make this:

photo by jdueck

And the kicker is... all the "defects" would have to be fixed while it was being road tested!

Note: Regarding this post... gross exaggerations and stereo types have been used liberally in a fictional context for comedic effect. Any similarities to the development practices of employers past, present, future, or in parallel universes is purely coincidental, depressing, and sad.

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